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Marc Guggenheim

It's a heartbreaking comic that celebrates the enduring love of the LGBTQ community.
Kreisberg: Yeah. Oliver in the pilot was as much the Green Arrow as he'll ever be, expertise-wise. The show is really an
As far as Wilson's concerned, "just killing Oliver is too simple and too merciful, quite frankly," Guggenheim said. "It gives
Eddie Michaels was a devoted husband, father, friend to many, a veteran publicist, and a class act -- he respected everyone.
Roy (Colton Haynes) and Thea didn't actually manage to unmask The Hood this season, but we saw Roy saving people and being
What can you reveal about Felicity's first solo mission in the field in "The Undertaking"? It’s so much fun. When we brought
What can you preview about this week's episode and what Felicity will be up to when Deadshot resurfaces? She’s doing her
I know that you have China White [a South Pacific drug cartel leader from the "Year One" comic who will be played by Kelly
When the wealthy scion returns from the island where he survived on his own after a boat crash, "he clearly has post-traumatic
As Fox appears ready to take steps back towards the kind of dark, interesting material that they excel at, a la "24," this could prove to be an interesting year for the network.
Berlanti and Guggenheim worked with Kreisberg on "Eli Stone," and it's not the first time the trio has been linked with a