Marc Guggenheim

It's a heartbreaking comic that celebrates the enduring love of the LGBTQ community.
Kreisberg: Yeah. And I think the hardest part of "Arrow" was finding that balance, and I think we have found it earlier on
Of course, Slade Wilson and Brother Blood won't be the only foes who will face Oliver in the second half of the season. Michael
Eddie Michaels was a devoted husband, father, friend to many, a veteran publicist, and a class act -- he respected everyone.
Tommy told Laurel that he loved her before he died -- I can't imagine that's something that she can easily get over, even
How will we see Tommy (Colin Donnell) and Malcolm's relationship evolving in the final episodes? It seems like they're on
Might we see a Dark Archer encounter before the end of the season? Obviously, she wouldn't be going head to head with him
Green Arrow's former sidekick, Roy Harper, is one of my favorite comic book characters. You introduced a few original characters
"I think this show has the opportunity to explore the consequences of violence in ways that other shows cannot," executive
As Fox appears ready to take steps back towards the kind of dark, interesting material that they excel at, a la "24," this could prove to be an interesting year for the network.