"I don’t need a pair of Nikes. I need a 401(k)" -- and other lessons from the death of a venture-backed, Facebook-dependent, millennial-focused news site.
During the Thursday announcement, co-founder and CEO Chris Altchek placed the blame on Facebook.
When asked whether Mic had indeed let go of every single editorial employee apart from the site’s co-founder, a spokeswoman replied, “Yes that’s right.”
The senior writer's contract was terminated after a Jezebel article told of emotional abuse and sexual coercion.
"I felt very uncomfortable...that I was the only woman in the room."
Though the exact beginning point of journalism can be debated, one aspect of the field that remains a constant is the continuous evolution of methodology and process. What is considered news? How are stories shared? What makes reporting ethical or unethical? These are just a few of the important questions that have been refined over time.
The digital outlet fills two key roles as it continues its hiring spree.
On Thursday August 6, Jake Horowitz spent three hours in the White House's library, waiting for the president to arrive.  Michelle
One in 3 American women will have an abortion in her lifetime. And yet, the issue is undeniably one of the most stigmatized
All of the women Plank spoke with rebuked the idea that they were dependent on the government, and cited policy as the most