mideast conflict

The former Texas congressman and presidential hopeful said the Israeli prime minister does not represent the "best interests" of the U.S.-Israel relationship.
“It all depends on Hamas. If it continues (to attack), I don’t know what its fate will be,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said on Israel Radio.
It was one of the heaviest barrages in years, the Israeli military said.
Major powers worry that the U.S. move could inflame Palestinian unrest in the occupied West Bank and on the Gaza Strip border.
It was one of the most serious attacks so close to the volatile holy site, known to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary and to Jews as Temple Mount, in years.
"We have neutralized the tunnel in Israeli territory, rendering it unusable for infiltration by Hamas terrorists."
In Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, 2016 has begun much as 2015 ended — with unacceptable levels of violence
"The soldiers had high suspicions that he was a terrorist."
"We view this incident with gravity and strongly condemn any attack on holy sites."
The attacks occurred on a "Day of Rage" declared by Palestinian groups.