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Medicaid is critical to the health of our children. That is why those of us in pediatrics are so concerned about the recently
It is true that millions of adults and children suffer from seasonal allergies. It is also true that the duration of spring pollen season appears to be getting longer in many parts of the world. But what is it about the spring that makes so many people miserable? Let's discuss.
"Your son is beautiful, and everything looks fine, except that I do not see an anal opening." Imagine hearing those words from your doctor just minutes after bringing your baby into the world. I did not hear anything that came after that sentence. Beyond those words, I froze, and it was only the beginning.
As schools let out and families being their fun summer adventures, it is a good time to remind everyone with food allergies about the importance of maintaining vigilance and preparation.
"It is time to take responsibility for the messages we as a society give our children."
Teens probably pay the least attention to health warnings, so how can we get the group that drinks the most soda to notice?
Chips, pretzels or popcorn: 4,826 visits (4.6 percent) French fries: 874 visits (0.8 percent) Meat other than hot dogs: 12,671
U.S. News has released their annual report of the Best Children's Hospitals. The 10 hospitals who had the highest scores
U.S. News has released their annual report of the Best Children's Hospitals. In putting together the list, they found that
It's not every day that a children's hospital has the President of the United States visit on the same afternoon as the Governor. But that's exactly what we got.