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The Center for American Progress' CEO said its aim “is to positively engage with all political leaders" on the nation’s future.
The presidential contender took aim at the Center for American Progress, which has close ties to the Democratic Party establishment.
Like other Bernie Sanders delegates in Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I kept hearing about the crucial need to close ranks behind Hillary Clinton. "Unity" was the watchword. But Clinton has reaffirmed her unity with corporate America.
Neera Tanden comments on Clinton's rise from FLOTUS to Democratic nominee.
Matt Bruenig raised more than double his goal in just a few hours.
Management at the prominent liberal think tank voluntarily recognized the union and will start bargaining.
Washington is finally paying attention.
What followed was a laundry list of proposals -- including a bunch that have been the focus of recent economic policy debates
That’s worked out pretty well for Republicans, because it’s meant they can keep using Obamacare to rally their activist supporters
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tweeted a photo Thursday containing so much girl power it could "break the