The National Governors Association wants the feds to help untie doctors' hands.
As a critical thinker, I would like to read the empirical studies produced prior to Common Core adoption and that support exactly what the Common Core yields, not what those advertising it have told me it "emphasizes."
To my knowledge a nude audience hasn’t been fully tested on Turrell. I am looking forward to the experience of his Ganzfeld
Bill Gates likes Common Core. So, he is purchasing it. In doing so, Gates demonstrates (sadly so) that when one has enough money, one can purchase fundamentally democratic institutions.
Educators in 46 states and DC are deep in the process of implementing new "common core" standards into their classrooms. But an emerging anti-core backlash may render their efforts moot in several states.
Both Markell and Fallin predicted that jobs would be lost in both the public and private sectors if sequestration were to
Letitia A. Long is the director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which collects and analyzes geospatial intelligence in support of national security.
Brewer and Obama have had a turbulent relationship since they both took office in 2009, exacerbated by Obama's decision to
Dr. David Sundwall, a former executive director of Utah's Department of Health, said Huntsman's administration "got the concept