Noam Chomsky

Cross-posted from I first “met” Noam Chomsky in 1969 by reading these words of his about the My Lai massacre
When you have a big piece of legislation like this, it's like ringing the dinner bell for K Street . . . There's a lot of
Noam Chomsky calls it "one of the most frightening statements I've seen recently."
In reading the Quanta article, I also wondered how Zimmer could have missed Richard's Lewontin's 2009 cover story for New
"I didn't like Clinton at all, but her positions are much better than Trump's on every issue I can think of."
Even now, in the last days of this horrendous campaign, we're amazed by fervent assertions coming from some progressives about Donald Trump. Here are three key myths.
Catchphrases are like epidemics and very contagious. "Sounds like a plan" is so ubiquitous it's almost replaces "and" and
Instead of a left-right issue, health care reform has become a top-down issue--corporate profits and oligarchy vs. democracy and the public interest.
Anybody who knows anything about nukes is unsettled by the idea of Trump having access to them.
In the wonderful, non-superhero movie Captain Fantastic, we see a perfectly-cast Viggo Mortensen playing Ben Cash, a father
It has become conventional belief that the media is supposed to be objective. Yet objectivity is unattainable. By choosing which part of a story to emphasize, which sources to use, and the order of the stories, media organizations exhibit bias.
There is a scientific corollary between what we know and what we think we know.
As a philosophy, liberalism is more inward looking and hence does not try to shift blame on the outside forces. By its orientation, it also does not have an overly negative assumption about human nature and consequently is not obsessed with crime and punishment.
American citizens face an enormous responsibility right at home. The undermining of functioning democracy is one of the contributions of the neoliberal assault on the world's population in the past generation. In Europe, the impact may be even worse.
The power to change opinion lies within the democratic Twitterverse. While it simultaneously contains homophobic statements and other instances of hatred, it offers the potential of balance. There one finds a wide and disparate variety of opinions and pluralist debate.
Circus-like media attention is good for ratings, for advertising revenues, for circulation and for Mr. Trump. It enables Mr. Trump to spin--with ever-increasing brilliance--the myth of his invincible persona.