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Maurice Hill, 36, allegedly injured six officers during an hours-long standoff with police in North Philadelphia.
If you don't know about Hart's hometown love, you gon' learn today.
A once-bare plot of land is now helping feed the neighborhood.
This story originally appeared on Al DÍA It seems like a long and difficult road, but one that is worth getting
President Obama is someone who looks like me, and as he prepares to leave office, I truly feel that I have nothing to look forward to once his term is officially over.
Kevin Wilkins remembers the summer day long ago when he stared down a member of The Valley, a notorious gang that inhabited the streets of North Philadelphia in the '60s and '70s.
I remember when walking across the stage on graduation day, just last May, and how uncertain I was about entering the "real world" with a bachelors in journalism. Would I be accepted in the field? Would I be able to obtain a job? What challenges would I be facing next?
The idea of having a wellness center placed in the heart of North Philadelphia had first come to Sister Mary Scullion, Executive Director of Project HOME, when civic leader Stephen Klein had approached her about building a community center.
So many thoughts started to form in my mind as my row started to join the long line of graduates. It amazed me at the time, and it still does on occasion, that a kid from North Philadelphia who originally had no plans on attending an institution of higher learning was now graduating from college again.
John's bedroom in North Philadelphia looks like the typical bedroom of an 18-year-old boy. Trophies line the shelves, jerseys