Paul Weller

“I felt like what the world needs is a revolution of kindness, of inner kindness and compassion toward each other and the planet."
It's a hell of a legacy. And it's a legacy worth celebrating, and enjoying, even if the Monkeemobile has made its last ride
Should we love something just because it's hummable and memorable (i.e. anything by The Weekend)? Or should we expect more out of a song (like when Adele shows us greatness)? Is there room for both approaches?
inger-songwriter Sarah McGowan's "When I Come Home" previews her upcoming debut CD. She co-produced the album with inspirations ranging from The Strokes to Amy Winehouse to The Ronettes.
This year, in celebration of their 10th year anniversary, 10 bands performed their classic albums in their entirety.
This week's playlist features music from Peggy Lee, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Adele, and more.
Author Tony Fletcher's excellent new memoir draws from that well in this charming page-turner about his experience in London from 1972 through 1980. So charming is his narrative that I forgot I was reading about his life during his most formative teenage years.
This week's playlist includes music by Bob Dylan, David Byrne, Grace Jones, Kevin Shields, Cee Lo Green, Mary Wells, and more.
An artist views things a little differently--and Paul Weller certainly has a unique perspective on the world around him. Born
This week we review albums by The Black Eyed Peas, Matt Elliott, Bob Marley, Dinah Washington, and more.
NOTE: Michael Giltz was provided with free tickets to the concerts with the understanding that he would write a review. They
People are strange. That's the best explanation I can come up with for why it's suddenly so important for outgoing Florida Governor Charlie Crist to see Jim Morrison receive a posthumous pardon for indecent exposure and open profanity.
So tents can save you time. They also create interesting psychological dynamics, offering vicarious thrills and people watching
Do It Again is a hilarious romp and clever distraction from a crumbling America and the middle class barbecue.
Maybe I just can't handle the crash from last week's musical high, but this week is a bust. I'll stick with angry old British mod Paul Weller. Skip ahead to check him out. Then play a couple of others included in this week's roundup that are worth a listen.