The vice president left someone out of his goodbye tweet and photos.
Nearly 200,000 flags are on display, representing the American people unable to attend.
Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. relayed plans to hurt the House speaker while traveling to attend Wednesday's pro-Trump rally near the Capitol, authorities said.
Trump supporters invaded legislative offices in the U.S. Capitol, including the ones belonging to the top Democrat in Congress.
The California Democrat secured the top post in a close vote.
Jupiter and Saturn will appear to be so close from Earth on Dec. 21 that they may look like one shining star.
Trump's attorney had no mask when he asked a witness beside him at a Michigan hearing if she would be comfortable removing hers.
What does one of the top infectious disease experts do when he's sidelined by the White House during COVID-19? Plenty.
“If Anthony Fauci tells me this vaccine is safe and can immunize you from getting COVID, absolutely I’ll take it," Obama said this week.