pinot noir

Global warming can shift the regions where wine grapes grow best.
It's a family that needs almost no introduction. But here it is anyway. It started with Loudon -- a musical legend -- and continued on to Sloan, Rufus, Martha, Lucy, Lexi, Suzzi...and, well, you almost need a genealogy chart, or at least a timeline, to map it out.
Pinot Noir is fast becoming of the favorite varietals of wine, and it is the perfect light option for summer. But if you haven't tried the right version of it you might think it isn't complex enough.
You might know Drew Barrymore for her decades of work in front of the camera, but behind the scenes Barrymore is also hoping to become known for something else: wine.
When a new vintage tastes like it's been around the block, or rather, aged for 3-5 years instead of 1 or 2 I feel like I've won the lottery.
In honor of all the waxing clients filling salons right now in preparation for Valentine's Day, I thought I would share my ideas for wines to pair with this underground fashion trend.
Wine is seen as something to figure out. Here's a secret: There is nothing to figure out. The more we make consumers afraid that they picked the wrong wine, the more we are doing a shitty job of selling wine overall.
The simple act of opening a bottle, savoring the first aroma, the first taste, is a pleasure I never tire of. When I see the word Oregon on a pinot noir bottle, even just the word Oregon, I feel warm inside.
So the next time someone tells you the only red wine made in Burgundy is Red Burgundy, you can let them know about Bourgone
The unexpected symmetry of wine and poetry was swirling around in the empty carafe of my mind when I received an invitation
Making flavored sea salts is quick, easy and fun, not to mention a wonderful and adventurous addition to every chef's kitchen arsenal.
This is wine country; especially Sauvignon Blanc, which tastes like a citrus grove is exploding lovingly in your mouth, and the dark god that is Pinot Noir.
It's easy to overgeneralize, but Pinot Noir can appear so pale you can see through the glass. The body and mouth feel are
The grapes are handpicked, and all of Weingut Konig's red wines are produced using traditional mash fermentation, then aged in wooden barrels. The majority of the wines (98 percent) are dry.
"My love of wine is really connected to my love for great food."
Ohio art rockers Devo were always known for pushing boundaries and definitely thinking outside the box. Now, nearly 35 years after the band's 1980 debut Freedom of Choice, co-founder Gerald "Jerry" Casale has launched his very own wine brand, The 50 By 50--a 23-acre property in the Wooden Valley of Napa, CA.