Loving dog owners, no doubt this has happened to you before: while on a walk, everything is totally normal -- until your
“Some people do just fine with the antibiotic treatment,” said McDonald during the briefing. “But it is a problem that we’re
Here are nine hackneyed social observations you can test yourself against in order to determine if you're a witty social guru or merely a repetitive buffoon.
Now, this study has not been written up and peer reviewed yet, so there is a chance it's a fluke. But I doubt it. In a recent
I've always felt that in order to understand people from another culture or a profession, you need to walk in their shoes. Or, in the case of the famous tanneries of Morocco, stomp barefoot in the byproducts of pigeons.
Clients -- in this case property managers -- collect samples found in communal areas, then send them to a lab where the DNA
Let me just get this out of the way: people poop when they run. So why the big fuss about some poor soul with splattered shorts? Must it be discussed on every fitness website?
And, in other news, the boyfriend of woman who sat on the toilet for two years has been charged with mistreatment of a dependent
So, let's talk poo. Dr. Mehmet Oz can get us started: So why poo, and why now? Well, when it comes to the success of "What's