The New York Giants' star running back made it look easy.
Shayne Holland was just hanging out in the pool of his apartment complex when an off-duty cop tried to force him out.
Kitsilano Pool, Vancouver Bondi Icebergs Club, Sydney More from Jetsetter: This 90-foot pool, which floats on a massive barge
My job, for however long it took, was to watch Chloe. It took 11 hours. And the whole next day. Needless to say, but I will
(Now would be a case in point!) HERBAL BATH CRYSTALS Soak your sore muscles from summer sports in a warm bath with the fragrant
The HotPost of the week is about the work of an artist called 'Winigreeni', who brought emoticons/emojis to life. She decided
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Photo: Pieter Estersohn 10 Unbelievable Dream Closets Lounge chairs from Gandia Blasco overlook the pool at the New Canaan
Summer is the perfect time to rethink all the ridiculous commitments you've made throughout the year. When the kids are little, simply being together and enjoying the passage of time can be the best way to enjoy the hottest months
All of us tell stories, even if we don't think of ourselves as "storytellers." And the plots of our stories are about anything and everything: our day, how we met our spouse, the moment we found God, lost our virginity or why the fender bender was the other guy's fault.