The founders of Life is Good took to the streets of Cambridge to spread positivity.
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Science shows there are big benefits to looking on the bright side.
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Jamie Lee Curtis -- one of Hollywood’s best-known celebs -- has been open and honest about her past with opiate and alcohol addiction.
We can’t get enough of Brandi Mallory's "jiggle."
"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get."
4. Most women our age are no longer in love with their bodies, so fall in love with your mind. 3. I had an unpleasant medical
2. Food gratitude (Grades 3-5) Ask the students to take a few deep breaths and bring their attention back into the room. Have
1. Figure out your needs In sum, feeling positively about ourselves takes effort. But by changing our views, we can change
Our bodies are unique so fuck feeling bad about yourself because of perceived imperfections.
Armed with an app guiding me through this meditation, I practiced dutifully for several months--but eventually I fell off
Interacting with people who are different from us--members of an "out-group"--can be stressful, and this is partly where
My post-baby body plan isn't about resembling my pre-baby self, there will be no grand Kim Kardashian weight loss reveal. It's about fueling my body with nutrients, walking with my son in the park, finding a routine that makes me healthy and happy.
You have more control than you think, says author Caroline Webb.
I didn’t learn to love myself until it was a matter of life or death! I was travelling in India when I contracted a life
The research is still in its infancy (pun intended), but researchers are hopeful that this low-cost, accessible, and positive practice could have transformational effects. Here are four benefits for pregnant women.