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The Royal Mail has released a special set in honor of the couple's upcoming nuptials.
Black Voices
Renowned artist Synthia Saint James has created a new Kwanzaa stamp for the U.S. Postal Service. The new Kwanzaa stamp issued on October 1, 2016 is called "Abundance," and is currently available online and at local post offices.
The woman says the message should be changed. The clerk agrees. The clerk instructs me to write "Department of State" on
With so many details that go into a wedding, from flowers, to the cake, the invitations are just as important! Remember, they're the first thing your guests receive and they offer a sneak peek of what's to come on.
This is one communication that can only be done old school -- no emails or texts. It has to be on paper, in an envelope, and mailed. The experience of writing a thank you note does as much for the sender as the receiver.
We need to maintain a vibrant postal service, whether run under the auspices of the federal government or private enterprise. I'm willing to put up with the junk mail.
You may have heard that the Postal Service is raising the price of mailing a letter by three cents on Sunday. Though this
Queer Voices
Other LGBT icons to be immortalized on postage stamps reportedly include Tennessee Williams, Judy Garland, Langston Hughes
Neither Netflix nor GameFly immediately responded to requests for comment. The postal service also did not immediately respond
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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of BBC's "Dr. Who," the Royal Mail is releasing collectible stamps featuring the show's
Stamps commemorating major religious holidays exist for Christmas, Hanukkah and Eid. However, one for Diwali, which is happening now, has yet to come to fruition.
But at the "Bridal Affair" event in Elk Grove, Calif. on Saturday, brides paid for their dresses with postage stamps instead
When I asked about states that do not have official fruits such as Pennsylvania or New Mexico, Mr. Assef assured me that Mr. Cantu has created stamps out of indigenous fruits in those states, so New Mexico gets prickly pear and South Dakota gets gooseberries.
Culture & Arts
London-based artist Mark Powell has produced these striking drawings despite only using the most basic of materials: ink
Put hallucinogens in stamp adhesives to make sending mail fun again.
Rather than raising prices at a time when its customers are just beginning to recover from the recession, the Postal Service should be emulating its closest competitors, FedEx and UPS.
I was so pleased to appear with Ellen. She's such a great friend to The HSUS, and I think she's just the greatest. This post