primates of park avenue

There are plenty of homes in which uneven power relationships are serious problems. But a system of carefully balanced power dynamics is only a "floor" of ethical marriage and family relationships, not a "ceiling." It's a bare minimum, not the ideal. Oh, there is so much more!
"People understand what a memoir is," she told HuffPost Live. "People understand what accessible, social science is." Whether people actually understand this, however, is still up for debate.
Books we read are a telling of who we are. This summer, several noted authors have released new books sure to redefine and influence our thoughts, world views and opinions.
Our zeal in excoriating modern-day Marie Antoinettes reveals an insidious, widespread, and totally accepted form of misogyny -- one that masquerades as engaged cultural critique while rehearsing and repeating the very same sexist salvos most enlightened men and women have long banished from their vocabularies.