Republican National Committee

The path for backbencher Republican candidates running for president in 2024 just got even harder.
The GOP may have learned a lesson from its failed attack on the president: Don’t mess with man’s best friend.
Critics agree: This was a doggone stupid move by the Republican National Committee.
Christie predicted an upcoming twist in Trump's refusal to sign a Republican Party loyalty pledge to qualify for the first GOP debate.
The former president said he's "already decided" whether he'll attend the first Republican primary debate later this month.
"No president is ever on vacation," argued the CNN host before pointing to one of former President Donald Trump's hobbies outside the Oval Office.
Ronna McDaniel said she hopes Trump attends the first GOP debate, which requires qualifying candidates to sign a loyalty pledge for the party's eventual nominee.
Wallace asked Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel whether she "still" has questions about President Joe Biden's win in 2020.
The Republican National Committee deleted the tweet after critics pointed out the mistake.
The former president's claim about his indictment doesn't pass the sniff test.