Republican National Committee

Trump's losing his grip on the GOP, leaving him more politically isolated than ever during his turbulent term.
Trump’s handpicked chair, Ronna McDaniel, won reelection despite presiding over the loss of the House, White House and Senate over the past four years.
Trump’s hold on the Republican National Committee still appears strong, despite his inciting of a violent insurrection at the Capitol to overturn the election he lost.
"You are literally responsible for this!!" one Twitter user responded to Michael Ahrens' post condemning pro-Trump rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol.
Democratic wins could help mainstream Republicans retake control from the reality game show host who hijacked their party five years ago.
Some $8.5 million of that comes from committees Trump controls directly, while $2 million comes from other Republican candidates and committees.
Presidential campaign donors have sent $6.7 million straight to the president's businesses. Cha-ching.
Contributor cash goes to buy the president's son's book as a "donor memento" for those who fork out for the GOP.
The campaign and its related committees reported $119 million in the bank on Nov. 23, but much of that appears to have been raised before the election.
The fundraising figure underscores the president's fierce grip on the Republican Party, even after his loss to Joe Biden.