Republican National Committee

The former president only likes some Republicans some of the time.
The lies Trump told at CPAC about the election and his record were not new, but his request for supporters to give money to his new political committee was a first.
A new website for the ex-president's Save America committee lets him resume collecting money from his millions of small-dollar donors — money he can use largely however he wants.
"The Democrat Party" is a label that some say goes beyond mere incivility. "It's used as almost like a curse word," said one GOP state judge.
After leaving in disgrace following his impeachment for inciting a mob attack on the U.S. Capitol, the former president wants to consolidate his hold on the GOP.
The tactic mirrors Trump's calls for donations to help contest his election loss and win two Georgia Senate races. But he spent none of the cash on either.
It is not clear whether that means the pipe bombs were unrelated to the next day’s riot or were part of the riot planning.
In an interview with the Associated Press RNC Ronna McDaniel forcefully condemned the pro-Trump conspiracy theorists.
Trump's losing his grip on the GOP, leaving him more politically isolated than ever during his turbulent term.