Republican National Committee

Five years after claiming he didn’t want rich donors’ money, the president and the GOP have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from them.
Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $131 million, trailing the Biden campaign and Democratic Party.
Trump still has a significant advantage in cash on hand.
The state's Democratic governor refused to guarantee that tens of thousands of people could gather at an indoor arena, citing the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Michael Steele hammered Trump for failing to lead in the national crises of the coronavirus pandemic and protests over the death of George Floyd.
The Republican National Committee's attempt to hawk Trump 2020 campaign merchandise on Memorial Day did not go over well.
Vendors for the president's reelection effort have charged at least $12 million more for “digital ads” over the past two years than platforms like Facebook report receiving for them.
The White House press secretary called out Trump's racist remarks and dubbed him a “showman” in TV appearances in 2015.
His campaign chief bought a waterfront house with a yearly tax bill higher than the average Floridian's annual income, a $400,000 boat, a Ferrari, condos and more.