richard shelby

Sen. Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers agreed on a $4.6 billion deal to house and care for immigrant refugees crossing the Mexico border.
The GOP senator said he has “always supported the Hyde Amendment," which prohibits federal funding of abortions except in cases of rape or incest.
The declaration comes after southeastern Alabama experienced deadly tornadoes on Sunday.
GOP Sen. Richard Shelby says talks on Capitol Hill to avert another shutdown are “stalled right now.“
The president proposed billions in spending, but no one can agree on how to pay for it.
Alabama Senator Richard Shelby says he doesn’t want Roy Moore to win, and reveals his absentee vote.
GOP lawmakers are placing faith in corporations to do “the right thing.”
How much more slaughter until enough is enough for Congress?
Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced the new bill after her daughter nearly attended the deadly Las Vegas concert.
As Trump tries to appeal to the GOP's conservative base, there is bipartisan support for transgender people serving in the military.