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But Rick Reilly has three anti-cheating conditions.
Sports writer Rick Reilly says the president "kicks the ball out of the rough so many times the caddies call him Pelé."
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By Joe Lucia, Awful Announcing Enter Katie Nolan. -"Knowing Rick, he probably borrowed that line from a column he wrote ten
What I actually said is that “it’s silly in this day and age that this should even be a battle -- if the name offends someone
Yes, there is a lot of history and tradition tied to the nickname "Redskins" -- for the NFL in general, and the Washington franchise in particular. Not all of it is negative and offensive but way too much of it is. As such, it's a tradition that must end.
ESPN columnist Rick Reilly wants you to know that he will not "fall in line" with the handful of his media colleagues who have opted to stop using the term "Washington Redskins."
There's a worthwhile discussion to be had about the extent to which the name offends Native Americans. But the general principle -- that the sensibilities of the affected group should be paramount in these discussions -- is clearly appropriate.
"We don't know why he's essentially equating criticism of overtly racist iconography with the forced relocation of entire
When Ben Roethlisberger went down with an apparent shoulder injury on "Monday Night Football," it seemed not only a pivotal
Reilly is the second high-profile ESPN personality to learn the hard way that "peeps got jokes." In mid-September, Stephen
Reilly's implication that we want prisoners to continue to mete out street justice while locked up sends a mixed message of the worst kind. Let's not set these men up for failure by implying that violence is acceptable, expected, and that they're good for nothing else.
Much to Reilly's and journalism purists' chagrin, writers are no longer bound by journalism's power structure. The Internet has provided a means for writers to hot-wire their way to the top through blogging.
I'm a sportswriter. All we do is write about nets. Cutting down nets, leaping over nets, surfing the net, watching New Jersey Nets and cheerleaders in fishnets. People dying for lack of nets? Impossible!
Should Derrick Rose be the NBA's MVP this year? Not surprisingly, the local media in Chicago thinks so. At the risk of making his fans angry, though, I am going to suggest otherwise.
Regardless of what happens this weekend against the Packers, Cutler has proven himself to be a playoff-caliber quarterback. And that's something Chicago has been dreaming of for a long, long time.
LOOK: Scroll down to see Robinson's entire rant. ESPN columnist Rick Reilly recently traveled to Pamplona to attend the Running
ESPN columnist Rick Reilly has a new book out, "Sports from Hell," and he spoke about his quest to find the world's dumbest
Reilly, a Colorado native who attended CU, calls himself a Rockies fan. In 2007--the last time the Rockies were in the playoffs
Andre Agassi does not appear, to me, to be financially motivated, He appears to be a human being attempting to grow and find a happier sustainable place in this world.