rob portman

Harper is expected to compete against Rep. Tim Ryan in the Democratic Primary for the seat of retiring Sen. Rob Portman.
GOP Gov. Mike DeWine, who recently slammed Trump over the U.S. Capitol insurrection, has a "family commitment."
Ohio's Rob Portman suggested stripping the House lawmaker of her committee assignments over her disturbing past social media activity.
The surprise announcement creates the potential for a hotly competitive Senate race that could help shape the identity of the Republican Party after Trump.
Republicans with political wiggle room say it could be worse. Others in tight races are playing dumb.
A 2016 letter expressing bipartisan support for "urgent reforms" within Ukraine's prosecutor general's office appears to undermine Trump's claims.
Lisa Blatt is a corporate lawyer and conveniently, Brett Kavanaugh is expected to be a pro-corporate justice.
Families volunteering to host children caught crossing the border could be deported under a new federal policy. More children are crossing the border alone or being separated from their parents under the Trump administration.
Big moments make headlines. Small moments propel us forward.