Ron DeSantis

The billionaire was asked about the Florida governor after tweeting that he wants someone "sensible and centrist" in 2024.
Tony Patterson was one of the 20 Floridians arrested earlier this year for allegedly voting illegally in 2020.
"Florida is where 'woke' goes to die," he crowed to a meeting of the Republican Jewish Coalition in what sounded like a presidential campaign speech.
Sources say the Florida governor will bide his time while he waits for Trump to implode.
The ruling assailed DeSantis and Florida Republicans for trying to “muzzle its university professors … and cast us all into the dark.”
Florida's governor delivered four House seats to Republicans with the congressional map he drew – in contrast to Trump, who lost at least two seats.
The Republican heavies are calling for “fresh faces” and leaders who “are rooted in today and tomorrow, not today and yesterday.”
When Trump was president, if he "told you to slit someone’s throat, he thought you would go out and do it,” said former White House chief of staff John Kelly.
The cable TV host argued that other gubernatorial wins were more impressive than DeSantis' Florida landslide ― and they’re not getting nearly as much attention.
Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have been on a collision course from the start.