Ron DeSantis

Republican Ron DeSantis sparked anger with his coronavirus-defying conduct at Donald Trump's first rally since his COVID-19 hospitalization.
The battleground state said the site saw unexpectedly heavy traffic that can't be immediately explained, and potentially stopped thousands from registering.
The Florida governor vowed not to reinstate restrictions in the future.
Rescue and cleanup begin post-hurricane as officials warn Gulf Coast residents they were still not out of danger.
Voting rights advocates were aghast after a federal court reversed a lower court's ruling that gave Floridians with felony convictions the right to vote regardless of outstanding fines and legal fees.
“Your daily upbeat message is hopelessly at odds with what Floridians are going through," said a Sun Sentinel editorial calling for mask mandate.
But Gov. Ron DeSantis has not changed his tune on schools reopening, with in-person instruction.
The Florida Education Association, which represents 140,000 school employees, says the plan to reopen schools violates the state constitution.
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is unlawfully denying people who are deaf or hard of hearing access to critical coronavirus information, the lawsuit alleges.
The "Late Show" host rips into the Florida governor over the state's flawed response to the coronavirus pandemic.