Ron DeSantis

Palm Beach County, Florida, has had nearly 4,300 confirmed COVID-19 cases since early March and at least 263 deaths.
The state's medical examiners were releasing coronavirus death totals, until the Department of Health intervened.
Daniel W. Uhlfelder is dead serious about keeping state beaches closed during the coronavirus pandemic.
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) called his own state “God’s waiting room,” an insult to the Sunshine State’s large population of retirees.
Florida is "ground zero" for nursing home residents, Gov. DeSantis acknowledged as he discussed easing restrictions.
The governor said some municipalities should feel free to start opening up parks and beaches, if that can be done safely, with distancing guidelines remaining in place.
The governor’s office said that World Wrestling Entertainment is “critical to Florida's economy."
The newspaper's editorial board slammed Gov. Ron DeSantis as "a lightweight" and contrasted his coronavirus failures with another GOP governor's leadership.
“If you’re younger, it just hasn’t had an impact," the governor falsely said of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Republican Ron DeSantis falsely claimed COVID-19 had not killed a single person under the age of 25 in the U.S.