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The former Purdue star played his last NBA game in March 2020 before the pandemic shut down the league.
The Utah Jazz guard goofed around in front of the camera as the mess was cleaned up.
The sportscaster claimed he had "no idea" that the phrase is a way to dismiss the Black Lives Matter movement.
Former reporter Kelli Tennant accused the Sacramento coach of attacking her in 2014 at a hotel. The NBA and Kings say she didn't participate in the investigation.
Former sports reporter Kelli Tennant sued the NBA coach after he allegedly forced himself on her in 2014.
Kelli Tennant alleges in her lawsuit that Walton reportedly forced himself on her in his Santa Monica hotel room, according to TMZ and the Los Angeles Times.
"How do we explain to our kids that because of the color of your skin people aren’t going to like you?" Barnes said at a rally on Saturday.
About 200 demonstrators squared off with police in riot gear overnight, and more protests are planned for Saturday.
Stevante Clark lashed out at Mayor Darrell Steinberg during a meeting with community leaders.
The Kings and the Celtics also teamed up for a moving PSA to commemorate Clark, the unarmed black man shot dead by police.