sexual education is a pleasure-centered, shame-free internet classroom.
This week the Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos as President Trump’s education secretary, with Vice President Mike Pence casting
Cultural taboos cannot trump the risks that come with leaving kids in the dark.
Love Matters Arabic is an online platform with corresponding social media pages that address love, intimacy, relationships, and everything in between. Our target audience is young Arabs, married and unmarried, between the ages 18-30.
Plan to update curriculum has widespread support despite protests.
Everything you want to know about sex education in California.
I don't ask "Have you taken a consent class?" before I sleep with someone. But if I found out someone who was interested in me vociferously refused to take a consent class and told the consent educators to "get off their high horse," I would refuse to let him touch me.
Every day we hear stories and come across people whose lives have been transformed by getting access to information about sexual health and sexual health services like contraception. It can change the way they behave and the way they think.
Fear of talking about sex can translate into shame at any age, but particularly during the formative years, when young people are just starting to learn about themselves and their bodies.
Girls should receive proper, accurate information about sex instead of being scared into remaining abstinent. We are often told that if we have sex before marriage or without being in a long-term relationship, we are scum. I grew up being lost in terms of what a healthy sexual relationship was meant to be like.
Young people are sexually aware and driven. People are sexually aware and driven. Period. It's called nature. There is no point in shaming your kids. That will make them feel weird and shitty. Just don't.
About 58 percent of millennials, including 64 percent of Asian-Pacific islanders, 67 percent of Hispanics, 57 percent of
The sheer magnitude of changes taking place during puberty and throughout adolescence pushes to center stage the issue of identity, in all its forms and with all of its vagaries.
If we teach our kids to interpret cues correctly to guess how someone is feeling and to want other people to feel good, the end result will be kids who make choices that result in other people feeling good and not making choices that make themselves or others feel bad.
Educators, parents, and condom manufacturers have worked to make safe sex appealing to young people for decades with minimal success - until now. Shadowing Coke's marketing tactic, Poke's "#ShareaCondom" campaign is enjoying similar success while also preventing unplanned pregnancy and STDs.