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At the Back to the Beach Festival, a 40-year-old skanker confronts his mortality (and his crappy taste).
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The discovery and exploitation of very large shale gas reserves in countries like the United States have transformed the
They were kind of a "reel" big deal 🎺
At your shows, what sort of energy are you trying to put out there? For more information on The Interrupters, visit
My friends and I were lunching at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica, when who comes in but Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Not too many people knew about it, but Gwen Stefani was my secret best friend. As in, I knew we were best friends, she just didn't know it. Yet.
It wasn't until the '90s that the third wave of Ska achieved commercial success. This begs the question: Does Umbrella Bed, a 2 tone band from Minneapolis, move Ska into a new wave, perhaps the fourth, or has the sound remained the same?
Why would a Reggae band from Reno, Nevada (of all places) call themselves Keyser Soze? Anyone familiar with the ghost-like demonic character in the film, The Usual Suspects, might find this perplexing, since the album is anything but dark.
Storing 14 exabytes of data isn't economically feasible in terms of both material and energy costs. But by using cognitive computing, we can design systems that are smart about how to manage that information.
-The energy requirements of the SKA also present an opportunity to accelerate technology development in scalable renewable
In 1977, inspired by the attitude and message of punk, a band with distant island sound formed and changed the musical landscape forever. That band was The Specials.
You also have groups and artists from the Rolling Stones to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Eric Clapton who move back and forth from
Annuals is what Vampire Weekend wishes it could be. Annuals have a light, ethereal sound that explodes with a Ska influence and instructs you to dance.