solving problems

1. Problems take time to solve. Until then, we will co-exist gracefully with our trivial problems. For the past few weeks
Thousand ideas, many products and no money. A lot of people create things but can`t sell anything of them because nobody
That doesn't stop people from paying you to solve their problems. Paid solutions carry greater impact in the minds of your
Steve has been founding and building companies for nearly three decades, with seven exits to date totaling nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars.
Push past the roadblocks.
That didn't change. I still had those problems. However, I also had problems that had nothing to do with me. Like, is one
Instead of highlighting the risks of walking early, Dan finds a clever way to increase the benefits of waiting. He builds a game of virtual tug-of-war, where pedestrians compete against the people waiting to cross from the other side of the street.
We sometimes just have to have the courage to take the first step. And, truly, it can be the smallest baby step. Sometimes
We are often so wrapped up in our own so-called "problems" that we fail to see the constant opportunity for growth in every situation.
In his book, When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead, legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub says death makes the rope taut. You need an endpoint, after all, to give your story structure -- and meaning. Maybe that's why they call it a deadline.