Teachable moment

"The Spy Who Dumped Me" star's "teachable moment" yielded hilarious results.
Your kids know about Trump's bus video conversation. Bank on it! I first heard the video while driving with my teenage son, who wondered, "Why is the other guy laughing?"
In an instant, that dad saw me, who I was, and how I choose to move through the world. It was important to him that his son really see me, too. He taught his son to notice a person's actions and to place more importance on what they do and how they act than on their appearance.
They say there's no such thing as a stupid question. 'They' have clearly never been a middle school teacher.
I dug my slippers out from the back of the closet and went down the stairs to find the kids playing quietly on the living room rug. I set their breakfast on the table, and perched myself at the kitchen island, hoping to drink my coffee in peace.
In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, I share this story. It illustrates a total fail on my part to seize a teachable moment with my granddaughter. Luckily, she has an awesome mother, who works hard to prevent bullying.
Common Core's extremely narrow focus on skill development and preparation for high-stakes assessments interferes with the ability of teachers to respond to current events, such as the Ebola epidemic, and interferes with learning.
Waiting for my coffee to brew at dawn on October 10 I got an instant jolt scanning news on my phone when I saw the headline Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi Are Awarded Nobel Peace Prize.
Voldemort is so freaking scary that if you even speak his name, all manner of horrors could rain down upon you. The kids at Hogwarts knew better than to mess with him because, just like we teach our kids in the real world, it's best not to talk about bad things.