La Havana, for in Spanish and in French it demands a deserved titular distinction, is dilapidation on a cinematic scale resembling a sound stage.
Most of us wouldn't trade this magnificent job despite the hard times we face almost everyday. We love the sea! If we didn't love it, how could we sail it courageously and decisively, being calm or enraged.
In light of my new behavioral preference I decided that I had to do something about this energetic black hole that had emerged in the sanctity of my resting place. Clearly moving out was not an option so I turned to my favourite method of clearing bad energy from places: Salt.
My familiarity with the water and youthful experiences with rowing held me in good stead when I first stepped into a sleek racing eight at the age of sixteen. I felt if I belonged.
In Greece, the aquaculture sector has been a remarkable success, producing almost half of the sea bass and sea bream farmed in the Mediterranean.
Salt has various uses across the world, some more known than others. Various ocean products have been uses for centuries
As I was walking around Amvrosies, high on a mountain on the island of Andros, all my senses were awakened. The sound of flowing water from streams and waterfalls was pervasive.
The word "diakopes" (holidays) in Greek means "to stop" -- to leave the quick paced, oblivious-to-everything lifestyle behind and take in the aromas, the air, the sounds, the feeling... to really experience.
Did we mention the beaches are pretty awesome, too? Chios is about a 45-minute flight from Athens, making it the perfect
FOR FOODIES Crete Consider this foodie heaven. Taste the local treats like olive oil, dakos and sweet cheese in some of the