the hammer museum

I thought that because I love art, my kids would automatically love art too. I imagined my children would be cultured and we would spend our weekends visiting walking through museums and galleries. I was wrong!
What a week it was, and what a week it is, with art, dance, theater, fashion --all that here in LA and across the Atlantic in Moscow and Florence. And yes, I've seen it all, and hope that you will enjoy some of these adventures as well.
Rap. Noise. Feminist punk. Industrial. Dub. Gang's all here.
This particular mandala represents Chenrezig, the embodiment of the compassion of all Buddhas combined. To echo the spirit
The second edition of the Hammer Museum's new biennial, Made in L.A. 2014, has brought a slew of emerging and under-recognized artists to the museum for a compelling exhibition.
Lonegan's paintings posture themselves opposite macho mid-twentieth century abstract expressionism and all the connotations
In keeping with summer being the season for superhero sequels, the Hammer Museum is presenting "Made in L.A. 2014," its second biennial selection of contemporary artists working in Los Angeles.
Saskia put out a tweet asking if anyone knew anything about it.  She calls it a "happy accident" that Dr. Christina Bradstreet
It's summertime -- we've got paddle-boarding, fireworks and outdoor screenings to keep your crew happy and occupied.
8 Booths to Remember From Art Los Angeles Contemporary LF: The Awakening (1994-2012) took longer, oddly enough, though it's
Writer Michelle McGrath will pen the new show, which is set in Los Angeles and concerns the life and work of a young woman
With the election behind us and Thanksgiving ahead, we're solidly in the season when the year's best movies come to theaters: We're loving both Lincoln and Skyfall, but still have eyes for some other good culture around town.
Govan's cost-benefit analysis was clearer. 'We have some county money,' he said. But removing LACMA's $10 to $15 fee "would
Museum director Ann Philbin states, "In recent years Los Angeles has given New York (and Paris and London and Berlin) a concerted and determined run for its money as the liveliest, and most flourishing, art capital in the world."
You won't be seeing Angelenos like Frank Gehry and Ed Ruscha at this exhibition, but instead under-publicized or up-and-coming
Every year since 1977, global citizens unite to celebrate the importance of museums in society on International Museum Day
Sometimes a guy gets called "Renaissance man," and many guys (to their peril) call themselves that -- but rare and wonderful is the real deal. I recently spoke with one of these guys, a real-deal Renaissance person. His name is Leonard Nimoy.
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