The Kiss

People will organize, people will resist and people will also maybe troll a little.
Klimt's mass appeal is undeniable. The 150th anniversary of the artist, celebrated in 2012, reminded the world just how much
This strange and hilarious video comes to us courtesy of animators Doug Bayne, Ben Baker and Trudy Cooper. They took some
Before the war, Erich Lederer was a charming Vienna ladies man, a pillar of bohemian society who angled to meet Josephine Baker as Austrian church leaders were deeming her unfit for polite company--and told his family they had an unforgettable romance.
Haines likes to bring a copy of the photo with her to show tourists what the statue doesn't: The young sailor who survived a war, fell in love, and found that love again 50 years later.
"The Kiss," 1907-1908 In honor of Gustav Klimt's birthday, we are revisiting a post originally published last year honoring
Romantic moment or sexual assault? Tell us what you think in the comments., quoting a blogger from London
Scroll down for images of some of art's best smooches in the slideshow below. Let us know what you think in the comments
Although the artist died in 1918, his paintings are still reproduced on prints, shirts, jewelry and other products, Mashable
After joining the movement, Klimt embarked upon his "Golden Phase," a period of his career marked by the use of gold leaf
Pucker up, readers, it's National Kissing Day! The holiday actually originated in the UK to bring back the simple pleasure
When I went to Long Island on Friday nights I would stay at my Aunt Tootsie’s house, next door to where I once lived and
This is going to be a somewhat surprising column introduction, for I am about to talk about something I've been absolutely ridiculing all week long -- the royal wedding. And how the American media missed a joke (not to mention a kiss).
We're not quite sure what this little girl next to Kate is thinking, but she doesn't look happy. Let your imaginations run
Mackenzie Phillips has done everyone a huge favor by acting as our societal point person for incest and speaking out very publicly. I applaud her courage.