the road

I have written before about road trip tricks, but my preparation for our recent trip to Colorado really left me feeling great
The American Mentality: Ideas of Crime and Punishment While the mentality of the criminal justice system is power, control
There's a moment in an historical re-enactment when you start to question reality. For me, it came as I stood on the deck
A diamond list of magnificent literary works celebrating their 10th Anniversary this year.
Popcorn Profile Rated: R (Language, violence, sexual content, crime, drugs) Audience: Young adults Distribution: Mainstream
Ridley Scott is one of those overrated directors who, every once in a while, puts together a hard-edged, lean little film that just delivers the goods. The Counselor, unfortunately, isn't one of those efforts.
This book isn't a frolic thru post-apocalyptic America; it's not a run-down of dystopian food porn. It's a book about a father and son looking for food, and because it is so difficult to find, and so dangerous, and yet, a non-negotiable necessity, the food takes on a role of its own.
There's something alluring about throwing a bag in the back of your car and hitting the road in the summer time. Open spaces, scenic overlooks, unexpected detours. And, of course, no road trip would be complete without music. Here's a list of five great road trip songs.
The Road is one of the greatest indictments of the bourgeois novel of individual growth, the bildungsroman, the paradigmatic novelistic genre of the nineteenth century.
Raising a kid with autism and trying so hard to help him or her is about as tough as things get for most people in this life. So one attraction of zombie fiction for me is that, while the worlds they present may have gone to hell, all the children left are perfectly behaved.