Tiger Woods' iPhone was custom loaded with porn and cartoons before his sex scandal exploded in late 2009, according to TMZ
Julie Postle (PHOTOS) allegedly met Woods when she worked as a cocktail waitress in Orlando. Tiger was reportedly "obsessed
Earlier this month a handful of alleged texts between the pair were published, including one in which the sender promises
After days of seclusion, he finally emerged "Transgressions" -- with luck -- expeditiously purged
"I will wear  you out...when was the last time  you got (bleeped)?" one message read. Another one from Tiger read, "Send
Text messages are the new lipstick on the collar, the mislaid credit card bill. Instantaneous and seemingly casual, they
3.) You can't spell "Eldrick" without "LR Dick." 8.) I got a friend who wants to hook up with you. Meet Fluff the Magic Dragon