Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

2016 is the best opportunity we have to move away from a high-emissions trade model and toward trade policies that support
A little-known fact, however, is that while ExxonMobil was misleading the public about climate disruption, it was also using trade rules to increase its power, to bolster its profits, and to actively hamper climate action.
That the E.U. has made it much easier for citizens of E.U. countries to travel and work where they want within the Union
The TPP negotiations took place in a secret process dominated by the giant multinational corporations, and the final agreement is waiting to be approved or rejected by Congress - probably during the "lame duck" session, because that is when members are least likely to be held accountable for their votes.
The environmental activist group said the TTIP negotiation docs showed a loosening of food safety and environmental standards.
President Barack Obama's recent -- and most probably the last -- visit to Europe was a failure. It could have turned the tide of declining relationship but ended up as a lackluster goodbye toast.
"Contribute to growth and job creation in Denmark". That's how the first sentence begin in the performance contract I signed before going to Washington as Denmark's new ambassador to the United States.
Did you know that two looming trade deals, if passed by Congress, would newly empower 45 of the world's 50 largest corporate climate polluters to "sue" governments in private tribunals over policies that keep fossil fuels in the ground?
Why trade and why now? Not since the establishment of the World Trade Organization in 1995 has international trade received as much public attention as we have observed over the past several months.
A free trade agreement (FTA) expands economic opportunity in foreign markets for American workers and businesses, while doing the same for their foreign counterparts in our market. The increased trade improves the overall economy of each country. But, in order to avoid unwanted side effects, modern FTAs do more.
Those who desire economic justice must advocate for immediate changes to the WTO, to relieve the suffering of the poorest
BEIJING -- The TPP is a trade pact dominated by the United States, which seeks to be the dominant power in writing rules for global trade and investment in this century. Another goal is, via the implementation of the TPP, to create an Asia-Pacific economic sphere that is also dominated by the United States, and to get the U.S. deeply involved in the Asia-Pacific economic integration process.
McConnell and Obama have yet to strike an agreement with Senate Democrats on how to move forward, a Senate Democratic aide
House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has said he expects to lose about 50 of his 246 Republican members, which would mean
He was sure that the Obama who was a state senator from the South Side of Chicago would have opposed the new trade agreements
Financial reform watchdogs are concerned that so-called "fast-track" trade legislation could undermine key banking regulations
A vote on the Senate's fast-track bill could come by the end of the week. If McConnell can find a way to satisfy about a
Getting 12 Asian and North American countries to agree on a massive free trade agreement that will impact their entire economy is sometimes easier than reaching across the aisle in Congress.
Opponents of the currency provision say it could spark a new trade war with China, and the administration argues that a number