unite here

Hundreds of laid-off service workers — many of them immigrants Trump has insulted — are getting out the vote in Nevada, Arizona, Florida and Pennsylvania.
The presidential candidates promised to honor a picket line if a local union went forward with it.
The workers, who prepare in-flight meals and snacks, are demanding a minimum wage of $15 and threatening to go on strike.
Despite tales of sexual harassment and assault, the leading industry lobby sees the devices as a "fig leaf" and a "solution in search of a problem."
The hospitality union Unite Here plans demonstrations in 40 cities: "We need protections for the workers who drive this industry."
Trump has refused to negotiate with a housekeepers' union, leading to picket lines at his hotels.
It's asking travelers not to stay at his hotels or play golf at his courses.
Bellhops, housekeepers and cocktail waitresses are in a showdown with the casino's billionaire owner.
The Trump International Hotel has tried and failed to quash a union drive.