University of Pennsylvania

For decades, the University of Pennsylvania held hundreds of skulls that were once used to promote white supremacy through racist scientific research.
Liz Magill, along with other academic leaders, came under fire for comments made at a congressional hearing earlier this week about antisemitism.
Outrage ensued over a clip of various academic leaders at a congressional hearing, even though they repeatedly condemned antisemitism while there.
University of Pennsylvania administrators told a student group it could lose funding and organizers could face consequences for screening "Israelism."
“Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding," she said.
I was following the promise of fortune and success as defined by my parents.
Here’s how Professor Donald J. Trump imparts his pearls of presidential wisdom.
In a hyperpolarized political climate, researchers say cleaning blighted spaces could be an apolitical option.
Trump's behavior is driving away Republican voters, the former vice president said.
Several experts agree the unorthodox weapons are a "prime suspect," The New York Times reported.