Credit Karma started trending on Twitter when users realized their free credit scores aren't what lenders actually see.
Notorious credit-monitoring companies might be able to weasel their way into the mortgage industry.
The legislation would give credit monitoring companies an edge in the mortgage business.
I didn't know credit scores existed growing up. I didn't even open a credit card until the middle of my college years. When a friend opened her first card sophomore year of high school (at her grandmother's behest), I scoffed and laughed.
Whether it's free from a lender, through any number of websites or through the purchase of a credit monitoring service, any time we can expose consumers to credit scores and the context around how that score was calculated, consumers benefit.
What bride-to-be hasn't thought about a summer wedding? No matter when your wedding is, here are a few credit-related mistakes to avoid as you get married.
A number can't tell you much of anything, except that creditors consider you a good or bad credit risk. But the factors that make up your credit score -- like your percentage of on-time payments -- do tell you how where you need to change your financial behavior.
"Someone's not really thoroughly checking this," Deyoub told HuffPost. "This is supposed to be gospel of who you are and
On Friday, the New York Times' Bucks Blog called out FICO, which compiles the most widely used scores, for a lack of transparency