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Shopping online means we rarely encounter any of the workers who make it possible.
From farmworkers to restaurant servers, the food system employs millions of laborers around the world to pick, package, transport, deliver, and cook our food every day. Of the 3 billion workers in the world's labor force, about 40 percent are employed in agriculture alone, according to the International Labor Organization of the United Nations (ILO).
But California's new legislation makes it tougher for those large companies to dodge responsibility. AB 1897 will require
Amazon's warehouses have seen their share of labor strife, both in the U.S. and abroad. Earlier this week, about 2,000 warehouse
Despite the large sum, the settlement won't be coming out of Walmart's pockets. While Walmart directly manages much of its
In the lawsuit filed in South Carolina, seven warehouse workers say they were required to continue working and complete their
These victories are a step in the right direction. So now the question is, will Walmart also require their suppliers to institute these same policies -- and more?
The idea is based on a program employed by Zappos, a shoe and clothing retailer now owned by Amazon, which offers new hires
In another lawsuit against Schneider, filed by Everardo Castillo, workers claim they've been regularly shorted on their paychecks
"That's what's shocking -- they just have to move their time clocks," he said. "They have chosen to spend I would guess millions
Warehouse Workers United, a labor union that supports the workers but does not officially represent them, filed an unfair
While the figure for national chain stores is considerably smaller, it's almost zero for Amazon. In most cities and towns
President Barack Obama will visit an Amazon fulfillment center in Chattanooga, Tenn., on Tuesday as part of his national jobs tour, according to the White House.
According to Busk, the environment at his Amazon warehouse in Nevada was more fast-paced than fun. "It was probably one of
Jesse Busk is a warehouse worker and lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against Amazon. Workers are suing because they must go through warehouse security checkpoint and claim that they're owed money for time spent waiting on the security line.
Mark Thierman, one of the Nevada lawyers representing Busk and Castro, told HuffPost that his clients' claims represent "an
It may come as no surprise that despite their rumored ability to relieve tension by relaxing muscles and offering a distraction
The growing use of temporary or "contingent" workers in American industries like construction and warehousing has helped
"[Warehouse Workers United] is distorting all the facts. This company is not what they're portraying them to be," Hessert