wedding pets

"There wouldn't have been a wedding without them." 🐾
Because who can resist animal pictures, especially when they have to do with weddings?
February 20 marks an unofficial and little-known holiday called National Love Your Pet Day. We were as surprised as you probably
When it comes to the title of "most wedding-friendly animal," dogs pretty much have it on lockdown. They happily sport wedding
Oftentimes, we're as close to our pets as we are to our own family members, so it only makes sense we want them with us when we tie the knot.
Many couples consider their dogs to be a part of the family. So it's only natural that pups are often invited to join in
There's nothing like a cute dog at a wedding to make the Big Day that much more fun. Earlier this month, photographer Katie
This is a topic I've blogged about before, but in every incarnation, it gains another species.
A press release on PETA's website Tuesday announced that the organization had given Baldwin and his new wife, Hilaria Thomas
Our readers watched friends and family members tie the knot this weekend in locales ranging from San Francisco to the island
More and more couples are inviting their dogs or cats to their nuptials these days. Pets can take an active role in the actual