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Forget dinner, a "wedding breakfast" is customary in the U.K.
Ideas anyone? Help us out. Add your comments. to provide. Here are eleven ideas for the upcoming May wedding that come to
Some young Bulgarian Muslim women are reviving traditional wedding customs that were suppressed during the communist era.
The wedding ceremony is called "handfasting" which is a literal tying of the knot.
Including Symbolic Exchanges brings a personal touch that makes your wedding engaging for your witnesses. These exchanges reflect your values and priorities. They are the creative touches that makes your wedding ceremony inspiring.
Whether they celebrate a specific religion or are just spiritual, what's most important is that the bride and groom have the option of being as religious -- or as secular -- as they wish for the wedding celebration.
Shout-out to all the bridesmen and groomswomen out there.
With Father's Day just around the corner and it being the season of summer weddings, I wanted to share some unique ideas on how to celebrate your dad on the "big day."
Even if you consider yourself a traditional bride, we're betting there's at least one wedding ceremony upgrade you'd consider.
I got married over Labor Day weekend in 1994, and had over a year of planning time, which allowed for my wedding gown shopping to go smoothly; including escaping a potentially awkward situation.
From covering the bride and groom in ash, flour and feathers in Scotland to log sawing in Germany after the ceremony, tying
Jewelry and adornments take on a whole new meaning in South Asian celebrations -- did you know there's an auspicious sign behind nearly every piece of jewelry a South Asian bride wears?
4. Your dress should be ornate, enormous, white, and you must only wear it once in your life. The engagement ring wasn't
Would you propose marriage, or accept a proposal of marriage, by postcard? Not likely? Well, that wasn't always the conventional opinion.
2. Wearing a flame-colored wedding veil. 4. Honey-mooning like the ancient Teuton people. Dougal Waters via Getty Images
And no matter what part of the world you're in, what ethnicity, what culture, these two steps are always suffused with rituals
Some dramafied episode will happen. It just will. I've seen fistfights that ended the dancing part and major b*tchery between the bride's newer friends and older ones. I've seen food throwing between divorced parents of the bride.