A judge sided with wildlife advocates who say a slated wolf hunting season would be unconstitutional.
Since gray wolves have lost federal protections, some states have adopted aggressive hunting seasons allowing large numbers to be killed.
"Nothing will dissuade the desire for more blood from our brother," said the leader of a Wisconsin Chippewa tribe, which considers the wolf sacred.
Hunters killed nearly twice as many wolves as the state allowed in February, reducing the population by a third.
"Wolf management is a polarizing and emotional topic for many," read a line that was ultimately cut.
It's a key communication skill for wolves.
Environmental groups, and even the state's own Fish and Game Department, opposed the measure that would permit the deaths of more than 1,000 wolves.
Conservationists slammed the bill as incentivizing the "cruel deaths" of more than 1,000 wolves.
Watch at least seven little pups work on the calls.
Hunters blew past a cap of 119 wolves after the Trump administration ditched protections for the animals just last month.
Wolves lost protection in the last days of the Trump administration. Now hunters want their trophies before President Joe Biden changes things.
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and an environmental organization offered money in a bid to crack the tough case.
The Lassen Pack is now up to at least seven, according to state wildlife officials.
“We’re going to fight this in any way possible," said Jamie Clark of Defenders of Wildlife.
The Estonian canine was stuck in a maze of ice when construction workers saved him.
The wild wolf, also known as 926F, died the same way her famous mother did in 2012.
Around 5,000 wolves currently live in the lower 48 states.
Wolf tourism is bringing more benefits than hunting.
“We have no idea what this was until we get a DNA report back."