The Lassen Pack is now up to at least seven, according to state wildlife officials.
“We’re going to fight this in any way possible," said Jamie Clark of Defenders of Wildlife.
The Estonian canine was stuck in a maze of ice when construction workers saved him.
The wild wolf, also known as 926F, died the same way her famous mother did in 2012.
Around 5,000 wolves currently live in the lower 48 states.
Wolf tourism is bringing more benefits than hunting.
Conservationists say the decision could help save other imperiled wildlife.
The Endangered Species Act of 1973 protects over a thousand species of plants and animals. However, its own future hangs in the balance as the House Committee on Natural Resources hears from bills that aim to weaken its power.
British Columbia is home to a group of coastal wolves that swim for miles every day and eat almost exclusively seafood.
Killing large predators to reduce livestock conflicts or benefit game populations has long been thought to be ineffective
Third is mythology. Wolves are smart, family-oriented, and communicative. Their personalities are clear. There was Romeo
My, what big teeth we have! He lifted his head up, rolled to the side, and his eyes lit up as he saw me. He made an enormous
Most dogs have been reduced to the status of companion or family pet.
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It's easier to accept that elephants, dolphins, wolves, and dogs have personalities. What's surprising -- until you make individual acquaintances -- is how deep and widespread the phenomenon of personality is.