The Endangered Species Act of 1973 protects over a thousand species of plants and animals. However, its own future hangs in the balance as the House Committee on Natural Resources hears from bills that aim to weaken its power.
A person in Colorado thought they saw wolves, but authorities say it was just some dogs having a howling good time.
British Columbia is home to a group of coastal wolves that swim for miles every day and eat almost exclusively seafood.
Idaho and Montana hoped to hammer wolf populations with controversial laws last year. So far, they haven’t.
A Mexican gray wolf named Mr. Goodbar couldn't surmount mankind's "stark monument to stupidity."
A judge sided with wildlife advocates who say a slated wolf hunting season would be unconstitutional.
Since gray wolves have lost federal protections, some states have adopted aggressive hunting seasons allowing large numbers to be killed.
"Nothing will dissuade the desire for more blood from our brother," said the leader of a Wisconsin Chippewa tribe, which considers the wolf sacred.
Hunters killed nearly twice as many wolves as the state allowed in February, reducing the population by a third.
"Wolf management is a polarizing and emotional topic for many," read a line that was ultimately cut.