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The U.S. Soccer Federation also committed to providing an equal rate of pay for the women's and men's national teams, including World Cup bonuses.
Among the provisions is a minimum salary of $35,000 — a nearly 60% increase — with 4% yearly raises.
National women's soccer players abroad have come forward alleging sexual misconduct after the U.S. league was rocked by bombshell revelations.
Commissioner Lisa Baird resigned amid allegations that a former coach engaged in sexual harassment and misconduct.
The Americans beat a tough Dutch team in a penalty shootout to advance to the Olympic semifinals.
"This team is blah," one Twitter user wrote. "No drive or determination to win."
Kumi Yokoyama previously played for Japan in the 2019 women's World Cup.
If he won't support ending the Senate filibuster, his support for legislation is meaningless.
Major League Baseball and other pro leagues are eager to start playing again, but the worsening pandemic makes it clear that's a bad idea.