Scientists speculated the killer whales are "playing" off the Iberian coast, but the games are getting increasingly dangerous.
Don't worry, you can still write off your private plane and pool.
Someone untied the SeaQuest from its mooring, causing it to ram into a dock and sustain "large scratches and scrapes," according to a police report.
He's building a massive ship to conduct research and remove plastics from the seas.
Hugo Boss skipper Alex Thomson tells us how survives the worlds most treacherous boat race.
Make no mistake: your actions did in fact make light of the experience of sexual abuse victims. You made a parody and a spectacle out of what is a real-life, inescapable nightmare for thousands of people for your own personal gain.
Houseboat Linda, Amsterdam, Netherlands With three different choices of accommodation (one houseboat and two motor yachts
In the second season of Below Deck, the cast headed to the British Virgin Islands.The show's replacement luxury yacht, the Ohana, was docked at the Nanny Cay Resort & Marina in the British Virgin Islands. Located in Tortola, BVI, Nanny Cay's marina can house up to 180 yachts.
On the French Riviera, local guides memorize lists of the world's largest yachts. A fun dimension of Antibes is its bars, which cater to the crews of yachts like the ones here.