"Insecure" is ending, but the creator already has a new project in the works.
With the landmark anniversary and the final season of “Insecure” announced, Rae is about to start a new chapter.
Executive producer Prentice Penny explained how the episodes have a connection to former President Barack Obama.
The director also talks about the climactic finale, Kerry Washington stepping in as director and fans' tweets.
The only tweet liked by the president as of Monday morning was about the HBO show's most recent episode.
The actor made his directorial debut on the latest episode of the HBO series, entitled “Lowkey Trippin'.”
Obviously, it's not a new trope, but several of our favorite on-screen duos are going through it.
The online event ahead of the Season 4 premiere will replace the real-life block parties the HBO series has thrown in the past.
She might also star in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.