The actor made his directorial debut on the latest episode of the HBO series, entitled “Lowkey Trippin'.”
Obviously, it's not a new trope, but several of our favorite on-screen duos are going through it.
The online event ahead of the Season 4 premiere will replace the real-life block parties the HBO series has thrown in the past.
She might also star in the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The "How to Get Away With Murder" actor is imploring entertainers to fight for equality with his new initiative, BLD PWR.
The “Insecure” creator brought the audience to its feet with her funny acceptance speech, as she jokingly said she did it all on her own.
"Ok [girls] it looks like Insecure isn't coming back until 2020...I'm not okay," one fan wrote.
"Dear 2019, I'm coming for you," the producer wrote.
“I think it’s so important to see a confident, outspoken, man bun-sporting Asian man on screen," says actor Alexander Hodge.