Martin Luther King Jr.

The vote comes less than a year after the city council decided to rename The Paseo after the civil rights activist.
The vote came less than a year after the city council decided to rename The Paseo for the civil rights icon.
“Stop patronizing us with phony patriotism,” one person fired back on Twitter.
The former vice president told students at a presidential campaign event how the deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. led to his political awakening.
The march came after immigration officials arrested 680 migrants last week at seven poultry plants in Mississippi, leaving many children without their parents.
If he could speak to his old friend now, the congressman would also highlight the “great distance to go before we lay down the burden of racism."
The Fox News host wondered what the late civil rights leader would think of the party's "racial hatred."
The prince's words sought to inspire youth to take a stand, but the Duchess of Sussex made 'em scream.
The "Late Show" host hits the newly minted 2020 presidential candidate's weakest spot.
Obama’s book suggestions include “The Fire Next Time” by James Baldwin.
The substitute teacher in Wake County also told a student at Rand Road Elementary School that his athletic gear was akin to "prison attire."
Queen Bey is honoring black icons you didn’t learn about in school.
The NFL honored civil rights heroes, while Kaepernick has remained unsigned after protesting racial injustice.
The Iowa congressman was responding to a constituent who was "bothered" by "the reverse racism toward the white European man that founded this country."
King's youngest daughter, Bernice, slammed the "regrettable" tweet and invited the gun group to study her father "and his nonviolent philosophy."
"You don’t just decide ... to sneak by Dr. King’s memorial to surprise ― surprise who?"
Sanders blasted Trump during a speech commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day in South Carolina.
Martin Luther King III wants the vice president to know that his father would say "love, not hate, will make America great."
The Iowa Republican praised the slain civil rights leader by citing a short quote often attributed to him.