Illustrated by Isabella Carapella. Animation by Fredy Delgado Jr.
The parades may be canceled, but Pride isn't. Here's a month of protests, panels, parties to help you celebrate.
The show doesn't just normalize the notion of sexually fluid queer community — it historicizes it.
"I imagined them falling asleep and waking up next to someone else, calling someone else when they were hurting, and marrying someone else instead of me."
This ritual can improve your sex life, whether you're kinky or not.
The wrestler and actor said he’d often “throw myself in harm’s way” for his sibling starting at age 10.
The New York drag legend sings Lizzo and Beyoncé while offering a playful, if pointed, message to her rivals in "April Fool," premiering Friday.
"He was encouraging me to ‘get comfortable and be really urban’ during a conversation."
The duo took to TikTok to express their feelings about Siwa's remarks.
"The weaponization of libraries ... is a bludgeon that’s scaring people everywhere," said American Library Association President Emily Drabinski.
Writer-director Goran Stolevski's latest film, set in North Macedonia, showcases a less-heralded aspect of the LGBTQ+ experience.
Shareholders voted down a proposal to cover detransition services that was pushed by conservative groups Do No Harm and the National Legal and Policy Center.
DeFreece, a New York actor and activist who is transgender, hopes her experiences will resonate with “any young person that feels misunderstood."
"'I can’t explain it,' I told my husband. 'But it’s all-consuming. I go to bed thinking about her. I wake up thinking about her.'"