Illustrated by Isabella Carapella. Animation by Fredy Delgado Jr.
The parades may be canceled, but Pride isn't. Here's a month of protests, panels, parties to help you celebrate.
“The attempt to cloak book bans and censorship as a parent issue is not working,” said American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten.
The LGBTQ-inclusive romantic comedy will conclude with an eight-episode final season on Hulu and Disney+.
The trailer for Peacock's reimagining of the groundbreaking series hints at sex, family, politics and a Pulse-like tragedy. The show debuts June 9.
Here's to the epic highs and lows of the series that made Archie cool again.
The colorful 50-pence piece marks a landmark moment for the LGBTQ movement in the United Kingdom.
Eichner's hotly anticipated, gay-inclusive romantic comedy is the first to feature an all-LGBTQ cast playing every major role.
The singer gave NYU graduates heartwarming advice about learning from mistakes while remarking on her own public cancellation.
Businesses that allow trans people to use the restroom that best matches their gender identity were required to post a red and yellow warning sign.
The law signed by Gov. Henry McMaster (R) would require students in public schools and colleges to compete with the “biological sex” listed on their birth certificates.
The secretary of state told Cherelle Griner that her wife's release is a top priority. Russia has extended the basketball star's pretrial detention.
"I am a Black, gay, immigrant woman,” Jean-Pierre said at the press briefing. "The first of all three of those to hold this position."
The Wyoming Republican senator stepped in it when she said it is a "fundamental scientific truth" that there can only be males and females.