Sexual Assault

On the second anniversary since the Me Too movement went viral, the founder reminds us to center survivors, not perpetrators.
Nevils' complaint that Lauer raped her in 2014 led to his firing as host of NBC's "Today" show.
Karen Johnson made the allegation in an upcoming book, which reportedly includes 43 new sexual misconduct accusations against the president.
Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb seemed stunned to learn their former colleague had been accused of rape.
Details of the alleged 2014 incident, including the accuser's identity, were revealed in excerpts from Ronan Farrow's book "Catch and Kill."
Former head Lisa Borders abruptly resigned in February after only four months in the role because her son was accused of sexual misconduct.
In an emotional op-ed, Rowena Chiu described how Weinstein attempted to rape her in 1998 and why she stayed silent until Me Too.
Hundreds of women accused George Tyndall of sexual assault, but the state's statute of limitations may have prevented their damage claims.
The Democratic senator suggested the ride-hailing companies aren't taking complaints of sexual misconduct by drivers seriously.
Miller, known for years only as Emily Doe in the Stanford sexual assault case, has written a memoir that lays bare the complicated truths about survivorhood.
The alleged victim says Cohen assaulted her when she was unconscious. In February, his daughter accused him of assaulting her when she was a child.
Miller's case was a news and social media circus. Now she's reclaiming the narrative.
Actor Olivia Munn and women victimized by gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar also spoke about sexual violence during the United Nations General Assembly.
"I Am With You" explores the trauma of living through such a public trial and sentencing.
The "Corporate Animals" actor wrote about the traumatic incident in her new memoir.
The star wide receiver was only part of the Massachusetts team for 11 days before getting released.
"I couldn’t believe that even royalty was involved," Virginia Roberts Giuffre said in an NBC interview.
“So, you’re saying that I just put aside a year and a half of my life so he could go to county jail for three months?” Miller told CBS News.
She never dreamed that downloading an app would prevent her from seeking justice.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed a bill into law on Wednesday extending the statute of limitations for survivors of second- and third-degree rape.