"Without the medical care I received and the relentless support of my mother, I would likely not be here today."
More than 30 states have introduced laws that include banning trans kids from school sports and criminalizing parents for providing gender-affirming medical care.
Charlotte police said they're investigating whether the deaths of two transgender women -- both shot in hotel rooms -- are connected.
The legislation reflects a push in Republican-led states to target transgender youth as a culture war issue.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association suggested that it may not hold championship games in states with anti-trans laws on the books.
The Fox News personality ran with a suggestion by guest Wilfred Reilly, who cited a rise in people identifying as transgender.
Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he will veto the anti-transgender bill that would have banned doctors from providing necessary health care to trans kids.
The bill, HB 1570, was passed overwhelmingly by the state legislature — which can still override the governor’s veto.
Dozens of states have introduced bills to limit medical care to transgender youth or keep trans kids from playing on school sports teams.
The 20-year-old activist and author recalled the painful experience of being barred from girls soccer games because she was trans.