The former mayor of Silverton, Oregon, was remembered by friends and LGBTQ advocates for displaying "unapologetic authenticity" while in office.
Terra Field was suspended from the company and then reinstated last month after publicly criticizing Chappelle's comedy special as transphobic.
The Oscar winner also called for "a leveling" in Hollywood to ensure that more trans actors will be considered for such roles in the future.
"I was a different person now. I couldn’t go back to dresses, heels and lingerie."
The new guidelines shift the focus off individual testosterone levels and were created after extensive consultation with medical and human rights experts.
From Macy's to Etsy, "men's" shirts for large chests are out there, I promise.
Life offline in a transphobic world is full of challenges. In lockdown and in communities online, many trans people say they thrived.
Republican Gov. Bill Lee defended his support of the legislation by claiming that allowing trans girls to play would “destroy women’s sports.”
The ruling will allow patient Evan Minton's discrimination lawsuit against California's Mercy San Juan Medical Center to proceed.
These Latinx and Hispanic LGBTQ icons have had a huge impact culturally and politically.
Despite Republican rhetoric, the facts show it had absolutely nothing to do with transgender-inclusive bathroom policies.
Staff protested the company’s support of Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, which included transphobic material.
The vote puts Texas on the path to becoming the largest state to pass an anti-trans sports bill this year.
Queer and trans software engineer Terra Field shared a statement from her employer confirming her full reinstatement.
The streaming platform is facing criticism from LGBTQ employees and advocacy groups over the comedian's new special, "The Closer."
A guide to talking about pronouns in the workplace, and helping trans, nonbinary and nonconforming co-workers feel accepted and respected.
Speaking with Jules Gleeson, the gender theorist drew a link between trans-exclusionary radical feminists, or TERFs, and fascists.
The Human Rights Campaign called the bill, which Gov. Bill Lee signed into law earlier this year, "dangerous and discriminatory."
She competed in the 87-kilo division and thanked the IOC for affirming that "sport is something for all people."