"What my daughter and the other trans children need is for adults to get loud and to do the heavy lifting because they are only kids."
“It just isn’t fair.” Caitlyn Jenner, who is running for California governor, said transgender girls shouldn’t compete in women’s sports at school.
The former Olympic champion, now running for California governor, weighed in on a controversial subject.
Republican Gov. Jim Justice passed a bill this week banning trans women and girls from playing on sports teams consistent with their gender identities.
More than 120 bills would limit the rights of transgender youths. Here's how parents and therapists are explaining the legislation — and the culture wars — to trans kids.
The actor sat down with Oprah Winfrey and recalled, through tears, what's been the happiest moment in his life since he announced his transition last year.
The 32-year-old activist uses her political savvy and compassion to get trans and gender-nonconforming people in Louisiana the care they need.
The former Olympic gold medalist and reality TV personality has failed to convince many trans-rights advocates that she is a major asset to their cause.
The Biden administration has withdrawn the proposed rule, which would have allowed single-sex shelters to turn away transgender people.
"Without the medical care I received and the relentless support of my mother, I would likely not be here today."