"The local police tried to dissuade him from moving forward, saying that they could not make any promises about our safety. Dad refused."
Accessorize from head to toe (literally) with a dainty anklet from brands like Ten Wilde, Astrid and Miyu, H&M and Catbird.
The “Sativa” singer also has a 13-year-old daughter whom she shares with R&B singer O'Ryan, the younger brother of Omarion.
"We don’t even know if this marriage will make it to the five-year anniversary. And dare I say it... I’ll be OK if it doesn’t."
The Lenape people were driven out of our homeland in the northeast U.S. Here's what it was like to go back.
Because there's no point in spending your hard-earned money on a shoe that falls apart by September.
A mix of practical and clever things that'll become your kid's best buddies at summer camp.
The young rape victim was denied the procedure in her home state of Ohio, where abortion is banned after about six weeks.
There are enough votes on the Supreme Court to uphold new restrictions on Plan B and birth control, experts say.
Strict anti-abortion laws often include an exception when abortion can save a patient, but some life-or-death scenarios are not so black and white.