"I almost dropped out of graduate school three times. But I didn’t. One thing that kept me going was something I’d learned from 'Reading Rainbow.'"
A "lil human is on the way" for the rapper and husband Maximillion Cooper.
“I haven’t done anything to be treated the way I have for the past 13 years," the pop star wrote on Instagram about the possible end of her conservatorship.
Helix? Prairie? Vita? The folks at Nameberry identified 20 names they believe parents will be choosing three decades from now.
The comedian condemned the streaming service's CEO for using her name to defend Chappelle’s transphobic jokes.
The CDC added depression and schizophrenia to its underlying conditions list, further proving that mental health is health.
The breach-of-contract lawsuit alleges that the damages to Cher total at least $1 million.
"Why did they call it a diaper blowout and not a s**tuation."
"That’s my emotional support months long opened Google chrome tab"
"It’s a real struggle," the "Solar Power" artist told David Byrne for Rolling Stone.