The singer invited the rapper, whose comments about gay men and AIDS have sparked outrage, to chat while urging others to "find forgiveness."
In June, Love blasted the Disney star as "rude" following a photo shoot that bore similarities to the cover art for Hole's 1994 album, "Live Through This."
The former president has opened up about his experience parenting Malia and Sasha.
The Duke of Sussex briefly stole the show, causing McCarthy to burst into giggles.
The British athlete hobbled across the finish line in the heptathlon 200 meters.
Fans had called out "The Good Fight" this week for including a line about Gomez's health in a scene about "cancel culture."
The Human Rights Campaign called the bill, which Gov. Bill Lee signed into law earlier this year, "dangerous and discriminatory."
The Duchess of Sussex discussed a "Suits" reunion and even getting matching tattoos with the "Bridesmaids" actor in a video announcing her 40x40 initiative.
“Every nurse in America right now is staring down this summer and this fall like it’s the barrel of a gun. “
Prostate massagers, vibrating rubber duckies and more sex toys that'll get you wet.