President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the people on Diwali.
The air quality had turned “severe” with stubble burning accounting for 32 per cent of Delhi’s PM 2.5 pollution, but firecracker emissions made the situation even worse.
The festival of light has a message of new beginnings we could all do with right now.
The NGT said, "Happiness of a few at the cost of lives of others is not the value in Indian society."
Karnataka CM Yediyurappa also said the state government will be issuing an order banning the use of firecrackers.
The Pujas aren’t the same this year. If you are staying in and away from Kolkata, here’s a list to make you feel at home.
The committee’s estimate for the current spread of the virus is much higher than the Union government’s serological surveys, which showed that only around 14 per cent of the population had been infected, as of September.
Big Bollywood filmmakers are waiting to see how smaller films perform, while independent filmmakers feel big films should bear the risk. Caught in between are theatre owners.
In her book, Sattar attempts to come to terms with Rama and the Ramayana. She looks at the emotional and physical toll of the exile on both Rama and Sita.
Many Bengalis do not realise that some of their most beloved sweetshops have roots outside Bengal.