Caleb Dembélé

West Africa Acting Regional Representative, Trickle Up

Caleb Dembélé, Trickle Up’s West Africa Acting Regional Representative, has almost 20 years of experience in development work in Mali. Prior to joining Trickle Up in 2007, he was Executive Director for a local development aid agency, Bureau d’Assistance et de Développement Social, where he worked for nine years.

Mr. Dembélé has in-depth knowledge of Northern Mali, where he worked from 1994-1998 as the Country Coordinator for a Swiss aid agency. In addition to French and English, he speaks Bambara, Pular/Fulfulde, as well as Songhai and Dogon, two languages widely spoken in Northern Mali.

He holds a joint MBA from the School of Management in Paris and the Institute of Applied Technology in Bamako.

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