Dana Westreich Hirt

Parent Coach helping increase positive outcomes and decrease anxiety.

Dana Hirt is the founder of Dana Hirt Parenting, and works as its lead parenting educator and coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education in Human Development and Learning from DePaul University and The Institute for Psychoanalysis, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Psychology from Brown University. She has successfully completed Northwestern University's Divorce Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program. She brings 28 years of experience in the field of educational psychology in clinical, school and private practice settings, and the wisdom of 23 years of parenting. Dana has taught in the classroom, consulted with parents, worked one on one with students in private practice, partnered with therapists and other allied professionals, advocated in schools, and led parent workshops. Within the scope of Dana Hirt Parenting, she works with moms, dads, couples, and partners, parenting together or on their own. Dana has a particular affinity for divorce cases and employ strategies that can help when facing the challenges of joint parenting. She is also interested in Parent Coordination cases for couples seeking to co-parent more effectively. Utilizing Intentional Parenting - a conscious approach in which parents consider their parenting choices and the impact those choices have - Dana helps parents parent better, feel more confident in the endeavor, and raise the children they know will grow into self-reliant adults. Dana Hirt is the mother of three children, ages 23, 20 and 18.